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What We Do

The RITA research portfolio is structured into 4 thematic focus areas

Trust in Mission Autonomy

Collaboration between Platforms

Human Machine Teaming

Human Capitol Development


  • Expertise: We bring together top researchers and practitioners in tactical autonomy.
  • Impact: Our research directly contributes to defense excellence and mission success.
  • Collaboration: We engage with industry, academia, and government entities for comprehensive solutions. 
  • Innovation: Our focus areas drive cutting-edge advancements in autonomous technologies.

Benefits of Collaboration with the Tactical Autonomy UARC

  • Cutting-Edge Research: Access to Leading Tactical Autonomy Research
  • Strategic Innovation: Shaping the future of Autonomous Defense Technologies
  • Alignment with DoD Objectives: Advancing Defense Capabilities through Collaborative Focus Areas


Discover how the Tactical Autonomy UARC’s focus areas align with the Department of Defense’s objectives. Let’s collaborate to redefine the future of tactical autonomy and bolster defense excellence.

About RITA

The mission of the RITA UARC is to develop partnerships between academia, government, and industry to solve real-world tactical autonomy challenges and problems that are critical to our national security through systematic research and development. 

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Contact Info

1328 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009

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