Our vision is to establish a globally recognized hub of excellence in autonomous systems research, where interdisciplinary collaboration catalyzes breakthroughs in technology, contributes to societal well-being, and shapes the future of autonomous applications.
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Our Core Competencies

Bowie Students working on drone algorithms

Tactical Networking & Communication Systems

Our unique expertise lies in tactical networking and communication systems. Robust adaptive, secure and resilient communications and...

Human Machine Teaming

We specialize in human machine teaming with human state sensing, shared perception, joint reasoning, and adaptation to complex and contested...

Sensor Integration and Perception

Enhancing situational awareness is our expertise. We integrate state-of-the-art sensors and employ advanced perception techniques to equip unmanned systems..

Bowie State U. Students working with Principal Investigator integrating technology

Collaborative Surveillance Systems and Platforms

RITA UARC expertise lies in AI-enabled resilient coordination and control algorithms for 3D networked systems with noisy and incomplete information...

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